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Regulation for the pre-incubation program “Green HExagon” Erasmus+ project “Entrepreneurial teaching partnerships for fostering innovation and green startup development in higher education”. The regulation along with its respective appendices can be accessed in pdf format here.

  1. General conditions
    1. The regulation is implemented in the University of Latvia (hereinafter – UL) project “Entrepreneurial teaching partnerships for fostering innovation and green startup development in higher education” (hereinafter – Project) No. 2022-1-LV01-KA220-HED-000090176 in the pre-incubation program.
    2. In the project, the following universities and their structural units participate in the implementation of the pre-incubation program (hereinafter – Partners):
      1. University of Latvia (UL), Student Business Incubator;
      2. University of Tartu (UT), incubator “Startup Lab”;
      3. Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CZU), incubator “Point One”;
      4. The University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt (FHWN), Startup Center.
    3. The pre-incubation program (hereinafter – the Program) is implemented for 17 weeks (4 months).
    4. In order to implement the Program, the Partners announce an open call for the support of business ideas.
    5. The open call is announced on the Partners’ websites (, ,,, where the deadline and application conditions are indicated. Applicants, when applying, must fill out and submit to the Partners an electronically completed form “Application for participation in the pre-incubation program “Green HExagon”” (Appendix 1).
    6. Applicants who apply to the Program can apply both individually and as a team. The team must consist of 2 (two) to 5 (five) members. Other participants may also join the team during the Program, not exceeding 5 (five) participants in total.
    7. If applying to the Program individually, the applicant must be a student, researcher, employee or graduate of UL, UT, CZU or FHWN.
    8. If a team applies to the Program, it must consist of at least 50 % of applicants mentioned in Article 1.7.
    9. In order to evaluate the received applications, a commission is formed, consisting of one representative of each Partner (hereinafter – the Commission). The Commission conducts evaluation in accordance with Appendix 2 of this regulation “Evaluation of applications (teams and individuals with business idea) for participation in the pre-incubation program “Green HExagon”.
    10. The Commission is established by the Partners and consists of the Project Manager (UL) and one of the Coordinators of each Partner. The meeting of the Commission is convened by the Chairman of the Commission – Project Manager. An employee assigned by the Project Manager protocol the Commission meeting. The meeting time, place, number of participants, agenda, adopted decisions and voting results are indicated in the protocol. If the votes are equally divided, the vote of the Chairman of the Commission is decisive. The participation of an Applicant (team or individual) shall not be unreasonably withheld or turned down by the Commission, in case supported by the Corresponding Partner Coordinator. In case an application shall need further clarification, the Corresponding Partner Coordinator can, at his/her discretion, give the Applicant the possibility for further clarifying or supplementing an application within a reasonable period of time. A Corresponding Partner may also request the Commission for acceptance of Applicants (team or individuals) into the Program post application deadline, but not later than one month after the Program has started.
    11. The Commission evaluates team applications and individual applications with business ideas.
    12. When participating in the Program, the participants comply with the internal rules developed by the Corresponding university.
    13. When implementing the Program, ideation and team formation event is organized at the beginning. Participants are provided with workshops on starting a business and developing their own idea, initial testing of the business idea according to market requirements, as well as mentoring and individual consultations.
    14. In the Program teams and individuals are invited to participate. If an individual with business idea participates in the Program, he/she must find team member/-s till the end of first month of the Program. If an individual without business idea participates, he/she must define an idea to work on or join a team until the first workshop of the Program. In Demo Day only teams are allowed to participate and compete for the grant.
    15. A team is considered to have completed the Program by meeting the following criteria:
      1. Attended at least 70% of all Program activities (workshops, mentoring sessions, individual consultations);
      2. Presented the idea and its development in Program Demo Day.
    16. After successfully completing the Program, a certificate is issued to all participants.
    17. The Program is implemented online, with the exception of the activity referred to in Paragraph 2.
    18. Teams that have successfully completed the Program are included in the Project Reports.
  2. Program face-to-face activities (Bootcamp)
    1. During the Program, some activities are carried out in person at one of the Partners premises:
      1. In year 2023 – hosted by FHWN;
      2. In year 2024 – hosted by UL.
    2. Face-to-face activities are provided for up to 10 best participants (individuals) from each Corresponding Partner. The Corresponding Partner may decide to select less than 10 participants for face-to-face activities if the Project funds do not allow inviting 10 participants or if the participants do not meet the requirements. The hosting Partner of Program face-to-face activities shall invite as many of its participants as possible.
    3. The following expenses are covered for participants when visiting hosting Partners and face-to-face activities:
      1. Travel expenses;
      2. Accommodation expenses.
    4. In order for a participant to qualify for the opportunity to attend the Program’s face-to-face activities, he/she must meet the following criteria (only relevant, in case travel costs would accrue, due to travel to host Partner organizing such face-to-face activities):
      1. Must attend at least 80 % of the Program’s activities (until the implementation of the Program’s face-to-face activities);
      2. An application and report for participation in the Program’s face-to-face activities must be submitted. The deadline for submitting the application is determined by the Commission (Appendix 3).
    5. The Corresponding Partner evaluates its affiliated applicant’s attendance, report and application and decides which participants are given the opportunity to participate in the Program’s face-to-face activities.
    6. The Corresponding Partner is not obliged to provide the participant with a reason for refusal if it does not give the participant the opportunity to participate in the face-to-face activities of the Program.
    7. The Program allows the participant to attend face-to-face activities at their own discretion and expense, which includes travel, accommodation, and per diem expenses.
  3. Processing of personal data
    1. The following personal data are processed within the program: participant’s name, surname, represented university, represented field of work/studies, e-mail, telephone.
    2. Personal data is processed to identify the applications of the participants, as well as to enable the Partners to contact the participants.
    3. Personal data will be saved on the computer of the Project Manager, e-mail:, until the end of the Program. Personal data will be deleted after the storage period.
    4. By applying for participation in the Program, the person confirms his consent to the processing of his personal data within the Program.
    5. Information on personal data processing:
      1. For UL available:
      2. For UT available:
      3. For FHWN available:
      4. For CZU available:
    6. Responsible for data processing – Project manager, e-mail address: In case of additional questions, contact the UL personal data specialists at

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To read the appendices of this regulation such as the idea evaluation form, the application form, and more, access the full regulation document