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What is Green Hexagon

The Erasmus+ project “Entrepreneurial teaching partnerships for fostering innovation and green startup development in higher education” or “Green HExagon” has launched!

The project partners are the University of Latvia (Latvia), University of Tartu (Estonia), Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (Czech Republic) and University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt (Austria)!

“Green HExagon” project is designed to focus on six distinct aspects of growth – development, skills, collaboration, business, innovation and the environment and climate.

These six aspects are directly related to the priorities chosen in the project – stimulating innovative learning and teaching practices and rewarding excellence in learning, teaching, and skills development all with a strong focus on environment, sustainability and climate-change. It is the opportunity to build capacity, develop skills, create new partnerships with other Higher Education institutions and representatives from the innovation ecosystem.

University based business incubators have committed to partnership for the development of trans-disciplinary approaches and innovative pedagogies to be implemented via collaborative learning including lifelong learning for generating innovative ideas and solutions for environmental, sustainability and climate-change challenges that can be further developed in saleable business. The project will run until November 2024.

project PARTNERS

University of Latvia

University of Latvia is the leading and most influential high-profile university in Latvia. It has a significant role in the development of the entire education system and in the overall growth of the country’s economy. University of Latvia plays a crucial role in the development of society’s academic traditions, national economy, education, environment and health protection, the Latvian language and culture.

University of Latvia is a modern centre of academic and professional studies, which, along with research in natural sciences, humanities, social sciences, technical sciences, and medicine provides opportunities to acquire various types and levels of higher education to the residents of Latvia and other countries.

One of extra-curricular activities offered by university is Business Incubator, who will be the main department in implementing project activities. The University of Latvia Business Incubator was founded in 2012 and is the largest university business incubator in Latvia.

The incubator supports UL students, graduates and others in their idea development and business realization. We help students of all study levels and programs and their teams to start and develop entrepreneurship, offering comprehensive support at all stages of business idea development.

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Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

The Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague was founded in 1906. Today university has a strong background comprising six faculties focused on different topics, the Institute of Education and Communication, the Career Centre, and the Business Incubator.

The Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague has an excellent track record in research and education and in international rankings, it is one of the leading Czech universities. Graduates of the university practice in many fields, such as agrobiology, sustainable development, environmental care, regional development, social sciences and other.

Students seeking future employment can apply to the Career Centre. There they can find the Point One Business Incubator for students who want to be entrepreneurs. The Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague is one of the few universities in the Czech Republic to have a functioning Business Incubator that supports students in developing their entrepreneurial potential.

Through three incubation programs, the incubator provides professional services and facilities to aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs.

More information about the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague ≫  

University of Tartu

The University of Tartu prides itself on being Estonia’s premier institution of higher education. Established in 1632, it is the oldest and largest university in Estonia both in terms of numbers of staff and students, as well as in terms of the volume of its teaching, research, and development activities. The University of Tartu is among the 1% of the world’s most cited universities and research institutions in 15 fields of research (2021, ESI).

Being the country’s only classical university, University of Tartu embraces a wide variety of academic fields ranging from medicine and genetics to philosophy, literature, and computer science. In its research and development efforts, university focuses on five main areas: entrepreneurial and socially responsible society; healthy and active long-lived people; resources and technologies for environmentally friendly economic growth; information and communication technology for developing an innovative society; and the sustainability of the Estonian language and culture in an open world.

University has extensive academic contacts and collaborative research projects with universities worldwide. University of Tartu School of Economics and Business Administration and its sub-unit Startup Lab has relevant experience in entrepreneurship education development. Startup Lab provides hands-on entrepreneurship training and pre-incubation services for all students across disciplines. It is the place where students can turn their ideas into reality by testing the viability of their solutions, improving teamwork skills, and broadening their networks.

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University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt

The Wiener Neustadt University of Applied Sciences is one of the country’s top educational institutions. It has shown excellence in practice-oriented education, international networking and innovative research work for over 25 years. Offering a broad range of courses in various disciplines including numerous specialisation options and applied research of direct practical relevance as well as related laboratory infrastructure, the university is setting high standards and trains highly skilled and sought-after personalities.  

Wiener Neustadt University of Applied Sciences has promoted an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit from its very beginning. Our aim is to deliberately promote entrepreneurial thinking and doing as key competencies and to demonstrate starting up a business as an attractive career prospect.  

The Wiener Neustadt University of Applied Sciences StartUp Center builds upon an inspiring regional network of founders and mentors, innovative entrepreneurial models and state-of-the-art methods in order to support future founders and visionaries as much as possible. StartUp Center offers joint development of innovation projects and business start-up initiatives targeted at students, employees and graduates. From brainstorming to market entry and on to the first years of actively being in business, the StartUp Center supports the entire process of founding a company.  

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